The GESI Corner – Tips for aiding people with visual impairment

The GESI Corner

Tips for aiding people with visual impairment

Sometimes we find it difficult to go out and help people with one disability or the other. We debate with our inner selves for long before we take the initiative – “how should I talk to the person?”, “would s/he even appreciate the support?” Oh and if you had the courage to help and have been rejected, you would have definitely felt embarrassed and probably vowed not to help again. But guess what! There is good news for us all…

Introducing the three (3) ‘A’s on how to aid persons with visual impairment!!!

The three (3) ‘A’s are the steps to guide you on how to support the visually impaired!

First ‘A’ – Approach! When you help a visually impaired do not stand far away and shout “can I help you with something!” Go near to the person and introduce yourself e.g. hello, I’m Afua.

Second ‘A’ – Ask! Do not assume that you know what they need and right away start guiding. No! Ask the individual e.g. Hello, I’m Afua, what can I help you with?

Third ‘A’ – Assist! Know that your offer can be accepted or rejected and be prepared to accept these answers. If she/he says NO! I don’t need your assistance, thank you, kindly move on because they do not need it at that time indeed. However, if they say YES! go ahead and offer the help they need.

So you see, it’s not difficult to help the visually impaired! Always remember the three (3) A’s – Approach, Ask and Assist!

Join us again next month on the GESI Corner as we continue our tit bits on how to aid people with visual impairment.