Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR-Ghana) has a vision to see an active and engaged civil society capable of articulating citizens’ demands and an effective state that is responsive and accountable to its citizens.

Our aims

STAR-Ghana’s vision is to contribute to ‘a well informed and active civil society, able to contribute to transformational change around key challenges of poverty, inequality and inclusion for all citizens’.

Our goal is to support the creation, utilisation and institutionalisation of spaces for collective civil society engagement to increase the accountability and responsiveness of the executive and key state institutions at both local and national levels, advance democracy and social inclusion, and increase the effectiveness of citizen influencing change.

How we will achieve our vision

STAR-Ghana has five key areas that will together contribute to the achievement of its vision and goal.

1. Being an effective convener, coordinator, catalyst and provider of learning

Output one focuses on developing and providing analysis to drive active citizenry. This will primarily be through a supportive, convening role or by catalysing interventions, but where needed also as a proactive player through social accountability and influencing techniques, to develop the effectiveness of dialogue and improve strategies for reaching and involving women and excluded groups.

2. Effective strategic partnerships in place with government institutions, policy level organisations and parliament

Output two focuses on supporting and identifying strategic partnerships with a small number of national organisations with the desire and ability to influence national reform agendas and the ability to support smaller or local organisations and movements to channel and synthesise local issues to the national level.

3. Funding mechanisms effectively managed, helping partners to address locally salient issues

This output builds on the systems developed during phase one of STAR-Ghana to refine grant approaches, with a focus on more prioritised, result-oriented and realistic intervention logics. Equally, there will be a strengthened focus on linking local initiatives with national debates and issues.

4. STAR-Ghana established as a Ghanaian-owned, strategic and sustainable institution

Output four aims to transition STAR-Ghana into an independent national entity which will continue to support citizens’ actions.

5. Communities of practice and learning established, functioning effectively and learning for change

This output aims at having various network/thematic groups among civil societies or citizen groups established to share experiences and good practices. Information shared on these platforms will feedback into project management and decision making, shared both nationally and internationally and consequently encourage continuous improvement.

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