STAR-Ghana is managed by a consortium led by Christian Aid with Mango, the Overseas Development Institute, Social Development Direct, Nkum Associates and On Our Radar. The consortium brings together a range and depth of expertise combined with a transformational vision for STAR-Ghana.


Christian Aid is known for its innovative work on accountability and has a proven experience of delivering governance and civil society programmes at scale. Christian Aid began working in Ghana in 1983, and since 2003 has had a strong focus on governance. The organisation has an outstanding record in founding new organisations with the means to operate sustainably at scale and towards a clear purpose.

Mango is the only NGO focussed on strengthening the financial management and accountability of NGOs around the world. They bring their expertise in due diligence and related capacity building of grantees, along with support to STAR to become an independent entity.

The Overseas Development Institute has a strong track record in providing training and advisory support around political economy analysis, and has pioneered the use of this analysis adapted to the needs of different programme and country contexts.

Social Development Direct is a specialist research and consultancy firm with a 15 year track record of working with DFID and other leading development agencies. They bring this expertise to provide strategic support for STAR-Ghana including the development of the gender strategy and communities of practice to embed learning and collaboration.

Nkum Associates is a Ghanaian organisational development consultancy firm working with NGOs, authorities and others in Ghana. They will support the development of the Steering Committee and Programme Team.

On Our Radar
combines technology, communications and development expertise to support citizen engagement with government at all levels. They will roll out and localise SMS Voices to enhance communication between citizen and local government.