Update on Call for Proposal


In December, 2015, STAR-Ghana announced its first call for proposals to support initiatives towards promoting peaceful, credible, issues-based and inclusive elections in the 2016 Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.  The call which was divided into 3 (three) components (Media, CSO Open and CSO Strategic) was opened to all registered Ghanaian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Media Houses/Organisations.

Two hundred and nineteen (219) organisations responded to the call. Out of this number 38, 169, and 12 organisations submitted applications for the Media, CSO Open and CSO Strategic Components respectively.

One hundred and thirty-eight (138) applications were shortlisted, following assessments by the Programme Management Team (PMT) and Independent Assessors (IAs).  These were presented to the Grants Sub-Committee (of the Steering Committee), who in turn met on 9th February, 2016, to review and shortlist the applications presented by the PMT and the IAs and presented comments on their respective assessments of the applications. The PMT and IAs were at hand during the GSC meeting in an advisory capacity, having conducted assessments and made recommendations on the applications.

Sixty-eight applications have been shortlisted by the GSC for the next stage of the process representing 15 for the Media; 46 for the CSO Open; and 7 for CSO Strategic components. 

Proposals were assessed on the basis of merit.  The assessment attached great importance to issues of gender equality and social inclusion, value for money, organisational capacity, management and governance, evidence of implementation experience, and financial systems with emphasis on clarity of the results framework and implementation strategies.

All 68 shortlisted applicants will undergo a due diligence exercise as part of the next stage of the application process from 15th to 19th February 2016 to ensure applicants are in a position to deliver on their projects. The exercise will validate information provided by applicants; assess the organisation’s capacity (human and technical resources); review the project budget, the organisation’s internal governance, financial and Monitoring and Evaluation systems and also make recommendations for capacity support to enable applicants deliver on their projects.

The 68 shortlisted applications, together with findings from the due diligence process, will be presented to the Steering Committee for vetting, final approval or otherwise and sign off on 26 February. This will be followed by a Grants signing ceremony to officially announce the successful applicants and sign off on contracts to begin the project implementation process by 10th March, 2016.

STAR-Ghana wishes to express its appreciation to all the 217 organisations that submitted applications for the 2016 Election Call.  We acknowledge, with regret, that not as much time as we would have wished was afforded applicants to submit their proposals. This was because, in our judgment, any implementation process that commenced after the end of the second week in March 2016 would be seriously pressed for time within which to carry out the programme objectives before 7th November, 2016, when elections are planned to take place.  

We wish to assure those organisations that did not make it this time round that there will be other calls in the future. They should not be discouraged by the results of this call from submitting applications in respect of future calls.