Election 2016

Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR-Ghana) has a vision to see an active and engaged civil society capable of articulating citizens’ demands and an effective state that is responsive and accountable to its citizens.

Election 2016

In December, 2015, STAR-Ghana announced its first call for grant proposals to support initiatives around promoting peaceful, credible, issues-based and inclusive elections in the 2016 Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Based on lessons learnt from STAR-Ghana phase 1, a portfolio approach was adopted for the Election 2016 grants call. The call was split into three, comprising open, strategic and media components.

• The open component focused on the activities before, during and immediately after the elections such as transition issues and was for a maximum duration of 12 months.

• The strategic component focused on helping to address long-term governance challenges to election credibility and inclusiveness in Ghana. Projects under this component were or a maximum duration of 24 months.

• The media component aimed to complement the work of civil society and improve media access and voice to all citizens. Projects under this component were for a maximum duration of 12 months.

Out of the 219 organisations that responded to the call, 35 were awarded grants after satisfying independent assessments, budget assessments and due diligence requirements. Projects within the open and media components focused on voter education, peace and security, issue-based campaigns and manifestos, observation and monitoring of elections, and inclusiveness and participation.

Within the strategic component, there were projects around engaging the security agencies for smooth and peaceful elections, consolidating the electoral justice system in Ghana, Strategic Actions for Transformative Elections and Reforms in Ghana (SATERG), Forum for Actions on Inclusion, Transparency and Harmony (FAITH), the proliferation of new districts and constituencies in Ghana, the mismatch between policy objectives, outcomes and impacts, and facilitating political parties' financing.

The total grant amount awarded to the 38 organisations was $US2,216,167 with $US1,210,244 awarded to 21 partners under the open component, US$550,000 to nine partners under the media component and $US455,923 to six partners under the strategic component.

Following an award ceremony to sign off the grants awarded to the successful organisations, STAR-Ghana organised an orientation workshop to provide a platform for the partners to better understand the programme's theory of change, logframe, reporting requirements, and how these related to their projects. The workshop also provided an opportunity to clarify expectations before projects began. Finally, the workshop provided a platform for identifying synergies among grantees and key stakeholders within the electoral cycle and promoted collaboration between organisations.

Click on this link below for the list of STAR-Ghana’s Election 2016 grant partners

 List of STAR-Ghana Elections 2016 partners

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