Pan African Organization For Sustainable Development (POSDEV)

Promoting Transparent and Accountable Utilization of Revenue from the Oil and Gas Resources: the Role of the Civil Society:

The Traditional Authorities and the District Assemblies of the Nzema East and Ahanta West publicly account to their citizenry of the judicious utilization of oil royalties/revenue. 1. The Traditional authorities in the Apateim, Baniakor, Nsein, Lower and Upper Axim Traditional Councils of Nzema East and Busua, Lower and Upper Dixcove Traditional Councils of Ahanta West hold two (2) durbars to account for use of Royalties received, evidently accountable by holding two (2) durbars on the judicious use of the Royalties. 2. Civic Unions effectively track and provide data on use of Revenue from the Oil and Gas sector in District budgets.