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Advance Ghana’s development by partnering with the STAR Ghana Foundation. We want to develop new and existing partnerships with organisations who share our vision for the future of Ghana.

As a Ghanaian-led organisation with a track record of working with the private sector, philanthropy, civil society, government and the media, we have designed and managed programmes and funds that deliver proven and sustainable results. Star Ghana has become recognised as a convenor, coordinator and catalyst, bringing civil society together with state actors and the private sector to address key national issues.

With the STAR Ghana Foundation, you will be investing in initiatives with civil society, which promote accountability, tackle corruption and support the development of an enabling environment for the economy to grow. Work with us to find local solutions that move Ghana beyond aid, promoting active citizenship for change.

Explore partnerships with the STAR Ghana Foundation by discussing your interests with our team. Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +233 (0) 302554520 or 302556429.

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Who we work with

Civil society

The STAR Ghana Foundation is a resource for civil society, attracting additional funding to the sector, capturing, promoting and disseminating learning, and brokering relationships between diverse stakeholders within and outside of civil society.

Since our inception, we have become recognised as a convener, coordinator and catalyst, bringing civil society together with state actors and the private sector to address key issues such as Ghana’s progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, the NGO Bill, women’s empowerment, disability, youth unemployment, access to healthcare and anti-corruption.

Private sector partnerships

Throughout our journey, we have worked closely with diverse companies and industry associations on a wide variety of shared interests. For example, we worked with the Institute of Chartered Accountants who successfully advocated for the adoption of international public sector accounting standards as part of public financial management reforms. Through our partnerships with the Chamber of Pharmacy, the Private Enterprise Federation and the Association of Ghana Industries, we are working to tackle corruption and improve accountability.

Find out more: Download our briefing on private sector partnerships (PDF)


STAR Ghana Foundation is working to help improve the effectiveness and functioning of Parliament to carry out its mandate. Our approach includes a focus on helping to strengthen the Leadership of the House, the Parliament Service and key select committees.

STAR Ghana acts as a bridge builder, fostering links between Parliament and civil society. Over time, we have seen parliamentarians become more responsive on engaging with civil society and the perspectives of citizens. For example, collaboration between the Government Assurances Committee and our partner Penplusbytes led to the creation of a digital platform that enabled citizens to monitor progress of government promises in areas such as health and education. Through a combination of technical services and grant funds, we are helping six select committees to progress and deliver their workplans (Education, Health, Local Government and Rural Development, Gender and Children, Government Assurances and the African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption).

'STAR Ghana has helped the work of the Government Assurances Committee to draw its own programme. We hold public hearings for officials who have made promises and visited to check that promises have been fulfilled.’ Hon Emmanuel Bedzrah, Member of Parliament for Ho West Constituency

District assemblies

With support from STAR Ghana, our partners are working to increase the accountability and responsiveness of district assemblies to citizens’ demands and participation in accessing quality services. For example, the Wassa West District Assemblies increased the representation of people with disabilities in the management of District Assembly Community Funds, resulting in positive feedback from people with disabilities. Their views have been heard and they have found the District Assembly is more responsive to their needs.

Traditional authorities

Traditional authorities STAR Ghana and our partners have worked with traditional authorities to address a range of issues, including the abuse of women’s rights, access to basic education for girls and children with special educational needs, early and forced marriage, and the participation of women and youth in local governance. Over the past year, 15 traditional authorities have implemented significant measures on these issues, thanks to the advocacy efforts of our partners and citizens.

Service providers

Registered companies and consultants interested in working for STAR-Ghana Foundation can find out more about how to register here.

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