STAR-Ghana media partners lauded for good performance
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STAR-Ghana has lauded its grant media partners for executing the various projects assigned to them towards the development of the nation.

The partners were given a wide range of issues on which to research in order to strengthen media-civil society collaboration for greater transparency, accountability and responsiveness at all levels of governance.

Their responsibility was also to improve media access and voice for all citizens, particularly the poor, socially marginalised and excluded groups, as well as those living in deprived areas of .the country.

STAR-Ghana sponsored more than 30 media organisations and stakeholders in the media industry with a grant of $3,943,297 within one year.

The Chairman of the STAR-Ghana Steering Committee, Prof-Akilagpa Sawyerr, made the commendation at the opening of a two-day workshop organised by STAR-Ghana for its grant media partners in Accra last Tuesday.

Learning event

The two-day conference, on the theme: “Media telling its own stories of change”, provided the media partners the opportunity to reflect on and analyse the achievements made so far, as well as discuss the challenges encountered at the various stages of the projects they were assigned and the way forward.

It was also used to share lessons on how the media collaborated with civil society organisations to achieve their set goals and targets.

Additionally, media engagement on key national issues such as education, health and governance were discussed at the forum.

House cleaning

In spite of the praises showered on the media for their key role in ensuring transparency and accountability in the country, Prof. Sawyerr called on them to ensure that they always put their house in order to be able to hold leaders accountable.

He charged them to ensure a high level of professionalism as they went about their duties, adding that it was their responsibility to deliver to the expectation of the public.

He also called on media houses, especially the broadcast media, to engage professionals to discuss issues on their platforms.

He expressed the hope that as the entire project came to an end by December 2014, another one could be rolled out to deal with issues of national importance.

About STAR-Ghana

STAR-Ghana is a multi-donor pooled funding mechanism (funded by the DFID, DANIDA, the EU and USAID) to increase the influence of civil society and Parliament in the governance of public good and service delivery, with the ultimate goal of improving the accountability and responsiveness of Ghana’s government, traditional authorities and the private sector.

In doing so, it works closely with the media to strengthen linkages in all sectors of the governance system through close participation from citizens.

In a presentation, the Media Officer of STAR-Ghana, Ms Lamisi Dabire, outlined some of the achievements the organisation had chalked up so far.

She said STAR-Ghana had contributed to the empowerment of the media to elicit responses from leaders at all levels of governance.

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