Northern Sector Action on Awareness Centre (NORSAAC)

Live Births: Smiling Mothers Project:

35% increase of pregnant women, compared to current rates, with access to antenatal, facility-based and post natal care services in 24 communities within 4 districts (Gushegu, Karaga, Tolon and Sagnerigu) in the Northern region of Ghana. 1. Visibly empowered women/women groups working with 24 community structures to increase facility based delivery and post-natal services in 24 communities in Gushegu, Karaga, Tolon and Sagnerigu. 2. Strengthened community structures to address/improve maternal health outcomes (particularly around antenatal, facility based delivery, etc) and greater community advocacy for quality outcomes in 24 communities from Gushegu, Karaga, Tolon and Sagnerigu. 3. Sustained collaboration/partnerships for improving maternal health outcomes between the District Assembly, GHS and Community Health Teams in Gushegu, Karaga, Tolon and Sagnerigu.