Human Rights Advocacy Centre (HRAC)

Advocacy to Realise Health Rights by Increasing Access to Health Care for Most at Risk Populations and Survivors of Gender Based Violence:

Improved access to healthcare for Most At Risk Populations (LGBT populations, Sex Workers and Persons Living with HIV) and survivors of rape victims, particularly reproductive healthcare, in the STMA,KMA,KEEA, Upper and Lower Manya Krobo Districts Tema and Ashiaman Municipalities. 1. Available data/information on access to health care services for MARPS and survivors of rape victims in five regions of Ghana. 2. Influence national policy level efforts on the revision of access to health policies for MARPs and rape survivors. 3. Increased numbers of MARPs and rape survivors accessing health, especially reproductive health services in the Greater Accra, Central, Ashanti, Western and Eastern Regions.