Coalition for Development of Western Corridor of Northern Region (NORTHCODE)

Western Corridor Improved Health Insurance and Health Care Delivery Project:

Improved access and management of health care delivery in western corridor of Northern Region through improved quality of access and patronage of women and children in NHIS and CHPS health care services. 1. Increased percentage of community members (women, children, etc.) with valid NHIS cards, from the current level of 23% to 43% in 40 communities in 4 districts. 2. Increased percentage of OPD patients (women, children, etc.) who access and use CHPS/DHMT health care services as their first-point-of-call in seeking medical attention/care. 3. Increased number of effective community Health volunteers in 40 CHCs and 4 District CHC Networks facilitating and assisting their community members (especially women, children, poor indigent persons, etc.) to patronize NHIS, CHPS/DHMT health care services.