Centre For National Affairs (CNA)

Nhis-new Flexible Premium Payment Scheme, Accessibility & Budgetary Allocations to Health Sector:

There would be clearer steps and consensus towards the operation of a two-party coordinating system at the community-health Scheme levels to identify and facilitate the enforcement/implementation of the Exemption Clause of Premium Payment under the NHIA act 650 (2003) for the very poor (Target Group) under the auspices of the NHIA and The Social Welfare Department in all ten (10) administrative regions of Ghana. NHIA to adopt and operate an alternative Instalment Premium Payment Scheme for Persons living in poverty stricken areas across the entire country but do not qualify for benefits under the premium payment exemption clause of the NHIA Act. The other anticipated outcomes are; an evenly accessible, equitable annual premium payment scheme and a non discriminatory health care system for all eligible Ghanaian residents. 1. Ten Percentage point (10%) increase in both the registration and renewal of membership for persons who are covered by the exemption clause and those required to make the annual premium payment in all ten regions of Ghana with special emphasis on the Volta, Central, Western, Upper East and West, as well as the Ashanti Regions. 2. A two (2%) percentage point increase in membership registration and renewals across all ten regions with a base of the 10% increase under result(one) 1.