Ghana Wildlife Society (GWS)

Enhancing the Capacity and Participation of Local Communities and District Assemblies in Environmental Monitoring and Decision Making in the Western Region of Ghana:

Ecologically sensitive habitats and related livelihoods in Ellembelle and Jomoro districts are effectively protected through increased awareness of their values, enhanced local capacity to detect and report threats, track mitigation measures as well as effectively engage with appropriate authorities. 1. Ecologically sensitive areas relating to the oil and gas sector and related livelihood options established with monitoring protocol hence local communities are able to monitor the condition of these habitats. 2. Critical mass of local community members and DAs equipped to monitor simple environmental and socioeconomic indicators hence able to detect environmental threats early. 3. Increased response by environmental safeguard and compliance agency (EPA) as well as communities to ensure early mitigation measures to environmental threats in the project area.