Participants share their reflections from the STAR-Ghana Elections 2016 Learning Events


The most striking for me was the realization that, there was an entirely different world of a quiet but determined, focused and purposeful political activism whose impact on the outcome of the 2016 elections cannot be over-emphasized. The well-coordinated approach adopted by STAR-Ghana and its partners enabled the various marked out activities to resonate powerfully throughout the country. For me it was a beauty to listen to presentations both verbal and non-verbal (the 4 “3s”) describing in detail the before, during and after situations by the various Partners.

For the first time I was confronted with the truth that elections are not run by the Electoral Commission and the Political Parties alone, though they are the loudest and most conspicuous. Their activities are very much supported by organizations like STAR-Ghana and CSOs.

To be successful, engagement with political parties should start when they are easy to reach, at least 2 years to an election year. As a start, STAR-Ghana should send a report on the activities done for the 2016 elections, its positive impact and the way forward to the political parties by the middle of 2017. Then organize a round table discussion of the report with them by the end of 2017. Having won their confidence, CSOs can then route their invitations to the political parties through STAR-Ghana and such should start by early 2019.

All CSOs should give women the needed platform to air their views and such views should be taken seriously. This is because as shown by the presentation of George from the National Media Commission, “women issues” are national issues.

More Rural Radio Stations should be brought on board by building their capacities to be able to perform creditably.


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