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STAR-Ghana Social Inclusion (SI) Practitioners Gathering


A three-day (26th – 28th March 2018) gathering is being organised at Eastern Premier Hotel, Koforidua for the STAR-Ghana GESI/Media grant partners to support in strengthening the practice of Social Inclusion (SI) in Ghana. The objectives of the training are to:

  • Build a conceptual understanding of social inclusion in Ghana – these sessions will create space to draw on and distil the experiences of grant partners, conceptualise social inclusion in a way that makes sense in Ghana, come up with protocols for engaging and empowering groups in marginalised situations.
  • Build capacity to institutionalise GESI - to understand and build organisations responsiveness to GESI. To create space for reflecting on the practice of GESI within our own organisations through practicalizing the tools.
  • Develop capacity to mainstream GESI in programmes and projects and increasE understanding of how practitioners can contribute to movement building of social excluded groupS.resized

A tool kit on Social Inclusion (S.I) which has been developed with support from consortium partner Social Development Direct (SDD) would be the direct resource for the training.The training would be looking at topics or areas such as:

  • Conceptualising Social Inclusion (SI) and Social Exclusion (SE)
  • Key concepts and terminologies
  • The many faces of power – putting on the Political economy analysis (PEA) lenses
  • Principles of “Do no harm”
  • GESI Budgeting
  • GESI Communication

We hope that through this gathering, we would have a community of SI practitioners that are strengthened and committed to the processes that advance inclusion and equality for all in Ghana.


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