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Consultancy: Human Resources Organisational Review for STAR Ghana Foundation


Type of Contract: Consultancy contract

Length of Contract: May – June 2019 (No more than 20 working days)

Location: Accra, Ghana

Closing Date: 23rd April 2019


About us

STAR Ghana Foundation is an independent Ghanaian organisation which creates platforms for ordinary people, particularly the most marginalised in society, to become active citizens who demand positive change in their lives and communities. Our vision is to see a well-informed and active Ghanaian citizenry able to contribute to transformational change that advances democracy, accountability and social inclusion. We want to increase the effectiveness of citizens and civil society to achieve an equitable, inclusive society by convening inclusive dialogue and collaboration; catalysing active citizenship and collective action; coordinating and supporting strategic partnerships; and facilitating continuous learning to fuel wider scale change.


The STAR Ghana Foundation was launched in November 2018. The Foundation builds on the successful STAR-Ghana programme (Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Ghana), a multi-donor funded programme. The establishment of the STAR Ghana Foundation as a Ghanaian-owned and led national institution follows from an intensive process of planning and public consultations with a wide range of stakeholders. It constitutes a major development in the landscape for active citizenship, civil society and philanthropy in Ghana. A key area of concern to the Foundation is the management of its human resources. As part of building the human resources system, the Foundation is striving to access consistent and relevant compensation data to ensure that the organization is able to recruit and retain a cadre of high caliber staff. In a market such as Ghana, the organization is challenged by the lack of clear and easy to use remuneration data for decision making. To address this challenge the STAR Ghana Foundation is seeking the services of an external consultant to conduct a human resource organizational review.


Purpose of the Assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to undertake an independent human resource organisational review which will include a remuneration survey and develop a salary range for each job level (mid, medium and max). This is part of the overall process of developing the HR systems and structures for the STAR Ghana Foundation.


The key tasks are as follows:

  • Work with the Transition Committee to ascertain staffing needs
  • Gather from comparable Ghanaian entities and analyze job profiles, salary structures, allowances and benefits against the template and job positions;
  • Develop a remuneration structure
  • Prepare a report which compares the matched job profiles, compensation packages and benefits and present the findings to the Committee.


Scope of Assignment

  • Review staffing needs of the STAR Ghana Foundation based on functions
  • Collate benchmarked salary scales, and terms and conditions. The Consultant will collect the following information from each of the identified non-profit organisations or other comparable entities:
  • Job descriptions of the similar positions for the purpose of job matching on the nature, complexities and responsibilities of each position
  • Conduct job matching for existing job descriptions: summary of duties, general educational qualifications, and professional qualifications, required years of experience and supervisor and subordinates
  • Collect and analyze the salary structures and associated benefits (including typical allowances and benefits package both monetary and non-monetary) from identified NGOs or other comparable entities for existing job descriptions.
  • Summary information on the comparator entities (size, number of employees, period of existence, etc. as specified)

Note: The Consultant shall maintain complete confidentiality of all data and documents provided by selected comparator entities. Data from comparator employers will be shared in aggregate and with no means of linking specific information back to any organization.


Outputs/Expected Deliverables:

  • Develop the remuneration structure
  • Develop and submit a survey methodology which explains their process of how they will structure their work to achieve the survey objectives; including: questionnaire design, job matching, data collection and validation, and pay and benefits data analysis. The process should gather qualitative and quantitative data
  • Analyze the compensation, allowances and benefits data of the participating NGOs
  • The Consultant will provide details and summary of data collected from the comparators and provide remuneration package analysis and range for each job match
  • Provide the minimum and maximum remuneration values of all job matches obtained from the comparators
  • Provide a 10-15 page report (with annexes) on final survey findings with comparison and analysis of the survey results and recommendations related to remuneration packages including a summary table of comparators practices on remunerations.
  • Present a draft analysis report to the Transition Committee for comments. The report should include the following:
    • The findings should present an analysis for each position: annual minimum, medium and max annual salary
    • The report should provide a table with an overview of the prevailing benefits and allowances offered by each identified entity. Details of each of those allowances and benefits should be include in the report
    • The report should provide details/findings of each of these policies/practices below:
  • Salary review: frequency of salary survey reviews, date of last review, average % adjusted for each comparator
  • Compensation policy expectations relative to the market: This should include expected position on the market (low, 25%, 50%, 75% and high percentile for each comparator)
  • Retirement/Pension plan
  • Medical policy
  • Education Assistance policy
  • Overtime policy: The report should include overtime policy for weekdays, holidays, weekends and call back from leave policy
  • Leave policy
  • Provident Fund
  • Explanation and analysis highlighting if length of contract has a bearing on remuneration
  • Any other relevant terms and conditions
  • Submit all completed questionnaires together with relevant salary and benefits scales and all relevant documentations and correspondences received from the respective comparators to the Transition Committee
  • Conduct a presentation of the process and the results to the Transition Committee/Governing Council
  • Submit a final report incorporating comments from the Transition Committee


Application Requirements and Considerations 

  • Submission of technical proposal to offer services should include:
  • In the case of a consultant organization, a brief capabilities statement and detailed profile of the consultant organization
  • A listing of organisations where similar service is being/has been offered
  • Valid Certificate of Registration
  • Technical capacity of consultants in terms of their qualifications and competencies for the assignment. Please attach detailed CVs.
  • Methodology to be used during the assignment
  • Work plan including proposed timeline
  • Provide track record of materials/ manuals/ tools used by the applicant for similar assignments
  • Provide 3 references
  • Applicants are required to submit a financial proposal with breakdown cost for the assignment per milestone that includes cost for human resources that might be involved in the assignment, etc.


Qualification Requirements

Lead person in Organization/Company/Firm or an individual with:

  • A minimum of a Masters’ degree in fields related to human resource management, statistics and related fields
  • Proven track record of experience in compensation and benefit for non-profit organizations
  • Experience in undertaking salary surveys for non-profit organizations
  • Familiar with local labour market issues
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills
  • Familiarity with the NGO regulations and experience within the NGO system would be an advantage
  • Demonstrated capacity for independent work with little supervision;
  • Research skills


Payment Terms

To be determined but it should be noted that STAR Ghana Foundation gives a high level of cognisance to value-for-money.


Mode of Application

Qualified consultants are invited to express their interest and provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services. To apply, please send your proposal, both technical and financial, to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line: “Consultancy- Remuneration Survey” not later than 17:00 GMT on 23rd April 2019. 


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