Centre for Active Learning and Integrated Development (CALID)

Community Action on Resource Allocation and Management of Chps (caram-chps):

Improved management of resources as a result of increased transparency and accountability in 35 CHPS compounds in the Tamale Metro, Bole, Kumbungu, Savelugu/Nanton, Tolon, Sagnarigu and the Sawla/Tuna/Kalba Districts. 1. 35 communities in 7 districts are more involved in the management of CHPS. 2. 175 health Volunteers from 35 communities advocating for adequate resource flow and attention to the CHPS compounds in their communities. 3. Increased collaboration between the key stakeholders (GHS, DA and communities) in 35 communities leading to effective management of the CHPS compounds in a transparent and accountable manner.