Ashesi University College

Mobile Phone Based Health Platform for Chps:

The project's overall expected outcome is to increase the support and supervision given to community health workers(CHOs) in 20 communities in Akuapim South, West Gonja districts. We intend to implement a mobile phone based platform that enables the flow of information between CHOs and districts health management team. At the end of the project, the quality of care the 20 CHOs will give will better because of support they get through the mobile based tools. 1. Give Community health officers in 20 communities effective access to supervisors and specialists at DHMT to resolve challenges they are facing at community level and improve the service provide to the communities. Give the CHOs in these communities access to professional development material to improve their skill in health delivery and management. 2. We aim to improve decision making at DHMT level by facilitating timely, accuracy and valid data submission by Community Health Officers in 20 communities. Through better supervision by DHMT improve house-holds visits and door-to-door health service, community surveillance. Improve the success of existing programmes by providing accurate data to DHMT. 3. Using the data collected by CHOs through the mobile phone based system as part of their routine activity, provide CSO with up to date reliable evidence for advocacy improve access to quality care. Create an interest on healthcare service as research opportunity among academicians from multiple disciplines to develop citizens-government engagement. Engage the academic community to influence policy for quality health care access.