Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR-Ghana) has a vision to see an active and engaged civil society capable of articulating citizens’ demands and an effective state that is responsive and accountable to its citizens.

Our approach

STAR-Ghana's approach focuses on three interconnected pillars:

  • The creation, utilisation and institutionalisation of spaces for collective civil society engagement with stakeholders at all levels
  • Embedding political economy analysis (PEA) as part of an adaptive programming approach
  • Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) being central in all programme activities.

When STAR-Ghana phase 2 was being developed, a number of constraints were identified to explain why the programme did not achieve transformational change in its first phase. The consensus was that rather than continue to support civil society projects through conventional funding mechanisms, STAR-Ghana should play a more strategic, analytical, convenor, coordinator and catalyst role.

This forms the basis of the 3C+L strategic approach for STAR-Ghana:

  • Convening a broad range of stakeholders for dialogue and to support the identification of opportunities and critical entry points for action and engagement
  • Catalysing change through joint working with new and innovative strategic partners
  • Coordinating with a broad cross section of actors, promoting joint influencing and actions amongst partners, to ensure effective use of limited resources available
  • Learning from past and present experiences and effective application throughout the process of implementation.


To perform this role effectively the programme constantly scans the horizon for opportunities to identify locally salient issues and key moments around which it can convene and catalyse stakeholder dialogue and actions. This approach reflects the dual focus of STAR-Ghana  catalysing the efforts of citizens towards systemic change on specific issues and working towards the creation of an independent national entity to sustain support for civil society actions and efforts beyond the end of the current funding cycle.

These actions will be supported by grant-making, technical assistance (including capacity strengthening) and relationship and knowledge brokering.  


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