In December 2016, STAR-Ghana announced its Media calls for proposals and concept notes to support initiatives around increasing the effectiveness of Media actions for accountable, responsive and inclusive governance and delivery of public goods and services and strengthening media – civil society partnerships for voice, accountability and inclusive access to quality public goods and services. The call was divided into two components – small grants and strategic partnerships:

  • The Strategic Partnership component was opened to Registered Ghanaian Media organisations and Media Houses operating at regional or national levels and actively engaged in policy influencing processes.
  • The small grants component on the other hand was on opened to Registered Ghanaian Media organisations including community radio stations and print housed located or operating at community or district levels and focused primarily on community and district assembly level issues; CSOs focusing primarily on media issues and located in and/or working on empowerment and accountability issues at community and district levels and Social media organisations focusing on GESI issues at community and district levels. It focused on:

A total of sixty-two (62) organisations responded to the media call: 32 and 30 for the small grants and strategic partnership components respectively. Out of the 62 organisations that responded to the call, 10 were awarded grants after satisfying independent assessments, budget assessments and due diligence requirements. Projects within the strategic partnership components focused on:

  • Voice and participation in governance at all levels, particularly for excluded social groups;
  • Sustainable and inclusive access to quality and responsive public goods and services particularly health and education;
  • Addressing systemic constraints to media quality and effectiveness in Ghana in promoting accountable, responsive and inclusive governance

The small grants partnership component focused on:

  • Increased accountability and responsiveness of district assemblies to citizens, particularly women, the youth, persons with disabilities and other excluded social groups;
  • Improved and inclusive access to economic opportunities and productive resources , such as financial capital, livelihood opportunities and land rights for citizens ;
  • Improved inclusive access to quality public services for example. health, education, sanitation, housing; and
  • Increased adherence to the human rights and protection of women, girls and marginalised groups with a focus on laws, legislation as well as socio-cultural norms and practices of discrimination and stigma.

The total grant amount awarded to the 10 organisations was three million and forty-nine thousand, six hundred and eighty-eight Ghanaian Cedis and eighty-nine Pesewas (GH¢ 3049, 688.89)

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