STAR Ghana Foundation facilitates return of teenage mom two years after dropout due to pregnancy

STAR-Ghana Foundation facilitates return of teenage mum to school two years after quitting due to pregnancy

Imagine what it feels like to be targeted and ridiculed by your peers for being pregnant while in school; getting lost in thoughts of a shattered dream of becoming what you want to be in future and the unending agony being reminded of your mistake at every stare in the eyes of society and relatives. That was the story of Martha Moses Akanpel. Martha was forced to quit school at age 17 when she got pregnant. Her situation forced her to stay home two years before finally getting a rare rescue opportunity. Following engagements with the parliament’s Select Committee on Education, African Education Watch and SEND Ghana, the STAR-Ghana Foundation (SGF) facilitated the return of Martha to school. This was part of the education service delivery survey outcome on re-entry of teen-mothers into school.


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